Information on ADA, Website Accessibility, & Fair Housing

Accessibility Statement & Fair Housing Information 

Accessibility Assistance
Please contact us if you need assistance accessing or have concerns about the acceptability of our online resources.  Please contact us directly at or by calling 617-762-4080 and one of the members of our team would be happy to work with you to provide the information you desire. For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who do not use voice channels to communicate, please contact us via email or via 711 or other relay services.

Dwell360 is dedicated to providing a positive experience that is inclusive for all. Whether you are using assistive technologies our goal is to make the information we have available for you to access.

Ongoing Effort
Although we are proud of the efforts that we have completed, technology is ever evolving and we view accessibility as an ongoing effort.

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?
Please contact us at or by calling 617-762-4080 if you have any feedback or suggestions as to how we could improve the accessibility of our online and electronic resources.


Federal and State Fair Housing Laws

Dwell360 supports and practices federal and state fair housing laws. We believe everyone is entitled to fair and equal representation. We love real estate and enjoy working with people.

Mass Fair Housing:

Fair Housing Law:

State and federal law prohibit discrimination in the sale and rental of housing by property owners, landlords, property managers, mortgage lenders, and real estate agents. Housing discrimination based on the following categories is illegal under federal and state law:  (Follow each link for additional information from Mass Fair Housing.)

Under Massachusetts law, it is illegal to discriminate in housing based on:

Additional fair housing information related to: